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Job Aids and Training Slides

Postdoc Web Forms:

Invite Form Job Aid (updated 01/18/18)

Viewing Documents In Nolij (updated 05/30/19)

Information Sheet (Data Form) Reviewing Tips

Recommendation Form Job Aid (updated 11/02/17)

Change Form Job Aid (updated 01/18/18)

Termination Form Job Aid (updated 09/27/17)

Leave of Absence Job Aid

Sixth Year Extension Change Request Job Aid (updated 03/26/19)

Clinical Trainees Job Aid (updated 04/04/18)

Running PI IDP Reports for ALL Postdocs:

Job Aid under construction.

Training Slides:

Postdoctoral Policy and Web Forms Training (updated 06/07/19)

Postdoc Admin Refresher Training Slides (updated 09/17/15)

Clinical Trainee Appointments Training Slides (updated 04/13/16)

GRPD Aid Year Activation:

GRPD Aid Year Activation Job Aid

Making An Offer To A Direct-Funded Postdoc:

Making an Offer to a Direct-Funded Postdoc Job Aid 2020 (updated 08/14/19)

Budgeting for a Postdoc Fellowship 2020:

Budgeting for a Postdoc Fellowship 2020 (updated 08/14/19)

Fellowship Application Additional Education Information:

Fellowship Application Additional Education Information

Postdoc-Paid Insurance Exception Job Aid:

Postdoc Paid Insurance Policy Exception Request (updated 07/15/2019)

Health Stream Training Job Aid:

Health Stream Training and Instructions