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NEW! Oak Creek Apartments for Postdocs

Postdocs have priority at the newly acquired Oak Creek Apartments. Please visit the Oak Creek website for further information. 

Pilot Transitional Housing for Incoming Postdoctoral Scholars

This pilot program provides short-term housing for incoming postdocs while they look for permanent housing. The goal of this program is to allow newly arrived scholars to settle into their research groups, learn about the area, and explore housing from a safe space that does not require a credit history or deposit.

Incoming Postdocs: Read More and Apply Here!


University-affiliated Housing & Resources

Postdocs can work with two campus offices for university-affiliated housing.

Stanford Faculty Staff Housing (FSH) operates several apartment buildings near campus, and will consult with postdocs about these and other housing options. FSH operates Oak Creek Apartments, which prioritizes postdocs, as well as other buildings that house postdocs.

Residential & Dining Enterprises (R&DE) operates all student housing on and near campus, and accommodates postdocs on a space-available basis. Space is limited and postdocs may not be assigned for some academic quarters. Click here for the FAQ for postdocs in R&DE-assigned graduate student housing.

For those not assigned to university housing, the Residential & Dining Enterprises Community Housing Office has detailed information, resources, and listings for local housing.

Deciding Where to Live

Housing in the Bay Area can be expensive. Considerations for housing may include: Do I want to be close to campus or in a large city? How do I plan to commute? Do I need to consider school districts or childcare? The Bay Area can meet multiple needs - understanding your own priorities, lifestyle preferences, and family needs will help you make the best decision. Please visit the Stanford Transit website for details about local public transportation options.

Areas to Consider

  • Postdocs qualify for a free CalTrain Go Pass, so housing close in proximity to CalTrain stations may also provide a convenient commute to Stanford. Rental costs vary along the CalTrain corridor. Be sure to check the CalTrain schedules - express trains do not make all stops, and service varies throughout the day and on weekends.
  • Most postdocs live near campus (Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Mountain View, Redwood City, and Los Altos). Shorter commutes from these areas are attractive, although the rental rates may be higher. Sunnyvale and Santa Clara are slightly further and less expensive; postdocs with children may find these options worth exploring.
  • San Francisco and San Jose are urban settings with public transit options for getting around those cities and to campus. The commute by CalTrain from the transit hubs of both of these cities is around 45 minutes by express train, though the total commute time depends on train schedules and your proximity to those transit hubs.
  • Free bus lines operated by the university and AC Transit provide access across the Dumbarton Bridge to Fremont, Newark, and Union City. Commute times across the bridge vary widely, but postdocs report the expanded housing options are worth the trade-off. Check schedules through the links above. 


Relocation Assistance

The Stanford Moving Services Site is a valuable resource for relocation to and from Stanford and the Bay Area, including for international moves. While relocation and/or reimbursement funds for travel are not guaranteed, they can sometimes be requested from the individual faculty/PI when negotiating a postdoc offer. 


Additional Stanford-related Housing Listings

Please note: Full access to Stanford housing services may require a SUNet ID. Contact your departmental postdoctoral administrator to discuss how and when to obtain yours.


Additional non-Stanford Housing Listings


Additional Short-Term Housing Resources

Several types of temporary housing might be available to you while you search for permanent housing:

Please note: Full access to Stanford housing services may require a SUNet ID. Contact your departmental postdoctoral administrator to discuss how and when to obtain yours.



Every site you review and/or provide personal information to should be treated with caution. Each of the links below provides helpful advice on avoiding scams.


R&DE Housing FAQ

I'm paid monthly, but R&DE wants the full quarter (three months) of rent at once. What can I do?

Postdocs can pay their rent to R&DE on a monthly basis, with no late fees or penalties. Occasionally the postdoc appointment and lease do not sync up and postdocs receive notification that they should pay the full quarter’s rent. Please contact OPA if you encounter this issue. 

What happens if I transfer to another department while in university housing?

Changes in your appointment may impact R&DE’s records. Please notify OPA and R&DE to inform them of your transfer.