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Stanford University cannot give tax advice. We can only direct you to tax resources.

Stanford Payroll Office can answer questions about pay you have received.

Consult a professional tax advisor with specific tax questions. Postdocs can access the Postdoc Assistance Program to receive referrals to CPAs and other financial and legal specialists who may be able to assist with tax questions. 

Questions about tax forms from Stanford, e.g., your W2 form? Please contact the Stanford Payroll Office.

All scholars paid on salary (semi-monthly payments through the payroll system) must have a SSN on file. Postdocs must submit withholding allowances in in AXESS or visit Student Financial Services Tax Information. Funding, regardless of the source, is subject to US and California tax law.

Postdoc Tax Information

  • All support is subject to taxation. Taxes vary based on income, dependents, treaty status, and individual circumstances.
  • Salary payments are subject to tax withholdings.
  • Fellowship and traineeship stipends paid to US citizens and permanent residents are not subject to withholding but are considered taxable income and must be reported. Scholars are responsible for making quarterly estimated tax payments during the year via IRS Form 1040ES and California form 540ES.
  • International scholars are subject to US federal tax laws and California State tax laws. Residents of countries with US tax treaties may be exempt from tax withholding or receive other benefits. There are differences based on whether you receive salary or fellowship payments. Qualifying scholars must file forms with the IRS prior to receiving their first salary or stipend payment. Consult the IRS for further details.

The following sites have tax information for:

Foreign nationals should also review Publication 519, U.S. Tax Guide for Aliens.

Contact Stanford Payroll Office or Bechtel International Center if you have questions.

  • Reimbursement for travel and conference expenses may be taxable. Check with department admins and mentors before making travel plans or paying any membership or conference fees. Many departments have credit cards which make the payment of these types of expenses easier. Scholars need to submit receipts for their travel expenses and conferences fees to their department admin. Receipts are required to process reimbursements. Reimbursements are made after travel is completed, except for conference registration.
  • Tuition and insurance payments made on the scholar's behalf may be taxable for scholars paid by stipend (monthly) or from sources outside of Stanford. Salaried scholars are exempt from this tax.
  • Salaried scholars receive W2 forms in January. US citizens and residents receiving stipends receive statement letters in late January. Non-resident aliens receive 1042-S forms by mid to late March, in addition to a letter. These documents are sent to the mailing address in your AXESS record. Payroll mails 1042s to non-US citizens by March 15th. If you do not receive your statement(s) by the dates listed, contact Payroll.

Resources for Tax Forms and Questions:


International Postdocs: contact Bechtel International Center

U.S. Federal Income Tax:

California State Income Tax: