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Auditing Courses

Postdoctoral scholars who wish to enroll in University courses must follow the auditing policy described in the Stanford Bulletin. The normal University course fees will be assessed. Some postdocs may wish to attend courses informally, and that may be arranged individually by the scholar with the consent of the instructor.

The guiding principle behind all auditing of courses at Stanford is that permission to attend courses on an auditing basis may be granted only to an eligible individual by an instructor of an authorized course. In general, courses authorized for audit include lecture classes in which participation is not expected of the students. Classes that require individual instruction and participation, such as laboratory and language courses, studio and performance courses (e.g. drawing, instrumental music) or creative writing courses are not authorized for auditing. In all cases of auditing, the instructor's prior consent and the Office of the University Registrar's prior approval are required. An application for Auditor or Permit to Attend Status (non-matriculated only) must be submitted. For questions about the application to audit a course, contact the Student Services Center.