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Lab and Safety Training

Advanced Residency Training Program (ARTS) The ARTS Program offers this high level of knowledge and intense training to physician-scientists. The program is designed to prepare you for a career that combines basic science research with residency or clinical fellowship training. More

Clinical and Translational Research Spectrum supports postdoctoral scholars in several different programs, to further their training and career development in the area of clinical and translational research. More

Human Subjects The CITI Program is a subscription service providing research ethics education to all members of the research community. To participate fully, learners must be affiliated with a CITI participating organization. More

Health and Safety in Laboratories or Other Similar Facilities Stanford requires several training courses for any staff who work in laboratories or other similar environments where hazardous or safety issues exist. The Stanford Center for Clinical and Translational Education and Research maintains a list of required environmental health and safety training, including the required HIPAA training for the School of Medicine. Faculty members must require their postdocs to undergo the necessary training for their areas, the lack of which can be costly.