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Certificates vs. Verifications

OPA can issue certificates of completion upon request. If you need evidence that you completed your postdoctoral training, a verification letter is the best choice. Letters are faster to produce; certificates can take months, as they require specialized printing and multiple signatures. Certificates are decorative and suitable for framing; if you need evidence of training for a job, a verification is a better option than a certificate.

Specific fellowships or subspecialties are not included on certificates.

Certificates document the time postdocs were directly appointed though OPA. Certificates are not issued for periods of time when the trainee/scholar was appointed through a different office or held a different status at Stanford, i.e., if the individual only held an appointment through the GME office at Stanford Hospital and Clinics, appointed through HHMI, or held a Visiting Scholar, Visiting Student, or staff position.

Certificates Verifications
Suitable for framing Not for framing
Can take months if you opt for the paper version, as paper certificates require wet signatures Typically produced in less than a week
Not appropriate for job applications Appropriate for job applications
To obtain, complete this form:

To obtain, complete this form:

Paper certificates sent via snail mail; electronic certificates sent via email Sent via email