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Certificates vs. Verifications

  • Printed certificates of completion are:
    • only issued upon request as they require specialized paper, printing, and multiple wet signatures;
    • produced on a quarterly basis (3 - 4 months);
    • snail-mailed to requestor;
    • not able to display specific fellowships or subspecialties.
  • Electronic certificates are:
    • faster to produce;
    • emailed (requestor can print out if desired).
  •  Verification letters are:
    • fastest to produce;
    • emailed (requestor can print out if desired);
    • the best choice for employment verifications rather than a certificate
  • Certificates and verification letters document only the time of appointment with OPA
  • OPA does not verify appointments for:
    • GME at Stanford Hospital and Clinics;
    • HHMI;
    • visiting scholars;
    • visiting postdocs;
    • visiting student researchers;
    • staff positions.
Certificate of Completion Verification Letter
Suitable for framing Not for framing

Typically produced in 3 - 4 months for the paper version

Faster for electronic version

Typically produced in a week
Not appropriate for job applications or employment verifications Appropriate for job applications and employment verifications
To obtain, complete this form:

To obtain, complete this form:

Paper certificates sent via snail mail

Electronic certificates sent via email

Sent via email