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Miscellaneous Forms

Postdoc administration is completely online via PeopleSoft, except when paper forms and documentation are required for exception requests. Other forms may be required in order to complete postdoc onboarding.

Payroll Forms:

Department admins consult with Payroll via HelpSU tickets or look on Fingate for forms like the I-9 and Tax Related Forms.

School of Medicine Forms Requiring Special Review:

MD Billing Agreement: For Research Scholars who hold an MD degree or Clinical Trainees who will hold a concurrent affiliation with Stanford Hospital and Clinic whereby the candidate performs clinical duties outside of the fellowship. Postdoc admins upload this form, with the appointment paperwork, in PeopleSoft webforms.

For Residents or Fellows who have no Stanford University affiliation and who wish to participate in research projects or apply for a fellowship through the Research Management Group, two forms are required. Submit both forms to the Postdoctoral Services Manager for the School of Medicine in OPA, Alistair Murray, at

Housestaff Verification Form

Resident Clinical Fellow Form: Used when a resident or a clinical fellow wants to participate in a research project.

Social Secuirity Number (SSN) Reporting For International Scholars:

Visit the SSN Reporting page to submit a SSN to OPA.