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Job Aid: How to create a new postdoc invite

Purpose: To initiate the new appointment process for an incoming postdoc.

In AXESS: CS Admin > Campus Community > STF Postdoc > STF Postdoc Invite

  • Click "Add a New Value" tab.
    • Email ID field: Enter email address of postdoc you are inviting and click "Add".
      • DO NOT USE a Stanford email address here. 
      • DO NOT send a second invite to the same email address (for example when inviting a transfer postdoc from another Stanford department or when resending an invite).
      • This email account must be available to postdoc until appointment is approved.
    • First and last name fields: enter the names.
      • The name fields populate the postdoc's name in the email text in the form.
  • "Department to which postdoc candidate is applying" box:
    • Dept. ID field: Enter hiring department ID (or click the magnifying glass to look up the department ID).
    • Faculty Sponsor ID field: Enter the Faculty Sponsor ID number (or click the magnifying glass to look up the faculty sponsor. 
      • Note: If faculty sponsor name is not found, you will need to add it to the advisor table.
      • Contact the Registrar's Office for questions about adding faculty. 
  • Research Mentor ID field: leave blank if there is no research mentor, or if the research mentor and the faculty sponsor are the same person.
    • If there is a research mentor and the research mentor is different than the faculty sponsor, enter the research mentor's ID in this field (or use the magnifying glass to look it up).
  • Email to applicant box: You may add text here, but DO NOT DELETE any of the standard text in this box.
    • Click "Save" to save the form and return later, or click "Send Mail" to send the invite to the postdoc. 


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