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Cost of Living

Stanford is in the heart of Silicon Valley, which is an expensive region. Many postdocs live in cities near Stanford and along the Caltrain corridor. Postdocs considering offers of appointment should consider the cost of living in this area.

The minimum funding levels (there are no maximums) for postdoctoral scholars at Stanford are perhaps the highest in the country for trainees, and they are designed to support a stipend-level income for a single trainee. Postdocs should consider one-time costs and ongoing needs, such as the cost of relocation, rent, transportation, childcare, if spouse is eligible to work, etc., when evaluating offers. Please note that while some faculty are able to reimburse relocation expenses, not all have the funds to do so. 

Cost of Living Calculators for Silicon Valley (San Jose) and San Francisco:

Please Note: These calculators are not maintained or endorsed by Stanford University and may not factor in the cost of the items listed below. There are other similar calculators available on the internet.

Taxes: Cost of living calculators often do not include information on US taxes.

Housing: Postdocs are encouraged to view the Stanford Postdoc Housing Resource Site. On that site, you will learn more information, including how to apply for university housing in the Graduate Housing Lottery. The Residential & Dining Enterprises Community Housing Office also has detailed information, resources and listings for local housing.

Medical Insurance Premiums: Check Postdoc Benefits for current rates.

Childcare: On- and off-campus options available through Stanford's WorkLife Office.