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Termination Form Job Aid

Purpose: To end the postdoctoral appointment, including health benefits and tuition charges

Confidentiality: Termination forms are part of Student Records. Do not enter confidential information.

From AXESS: Mouse over the OPA/Bechtel Center Tab Click the Postdoctoral Administrative FormsClick Termination Form

1. To create a new Termination Form, click “Add”


i. Student ID Field: Enter the student ID number, OR

ii. Click the magnifying glass to “Look Up” the student ID



i. New End Date field: The new end date must occur on or before the End Date noted above in the box.

1. If there is a gap in between the End Date noted and the New End Date to be entered, the appointment must be extended by Change web form before a Termination can be submitted.

ii. Action Reason Field: Click the magnifying glass

1. In the Look Up Box, click “Look Up”

2. From Action Reasons, click the most appropriate reason for the appointment ending

a. PACC - Accepted another position (use when postdoc ends appointment early to take another position)

b. PDEP - Department Transfer (use when postdoc is transferring to a new postdoc position in another Stanford department)

c. PEAR - Early Termination (use when PI ends appointment early due to loss of funding, program change, or poor postdoc performance. See required Early Termination procedures)

d. PEND - End of Appointment Term (use when postdoc has substantially completed the appointment term)

e. PPER - Personal/Family Reasons (use when postdoc ends appointment early for personal or family reasons)

f. PQWN - Quit without Notice (use when postdoc ends appointment early without notice)

g. PRES – Resignation (use when postdoc resigns appointment early)

h. RRTN - Failure to Return from LOA (use when postdoc fails to return from an approved leave of absence)



i. Address Line 1 Field: Enter the forwarding street address.

ii. Address Line 2 Field: If needed.

iii. City, State, Postal Code Fields: Complete.

iv. Email ID Field: Enter new email address (CANNOT BE address).

v. Phone Field: Enter new phone number.



i. New Position Title Field: Complete.

ii. Type of Position Field: Click the magnifying glass

1. In the Look Up Box, click “Look Up”

2. From Search Results, click the most appropriate position description

iii. New Institution or Company Field: Complete.

iv. FOREIGN SCHOLARS BOX: Ignore. These fields are auto-populated.

v. CERTIFICATE OF TRAINING BOX: Letters confirming postdoctoral appointment are fast and easy to produce. Certificates take an extraordinary amount of time to produce. Please ensure that the postdoc really wants a certificate, rather than a letter. 

1. Certificate of Training Requested Field: Complete.

2. If “Yes” is selected, more entry fields appear for completion



i. Comments are visible to all, including postdocs



i. This box must be checked to submit the form.


g. Click “Save” to save the form and return later OR click “Submit” to route the form for approval.


h. Email notifications are automatically sent to the postdoc.


2. To search for previously saved or submitted Termination Forms

a. From Postdoctoral Administrative Forms, select "termination form".

b. To search for all Termination Forms, click “Search”

c. To search for a specific Termination Form, use search criteria fields.


3. Late Terminations = Insurance Charges to Department

  • COBRA regulations require Stanford to notify the COBRA plan administrator within 30 days of a postdoc's termination.
  • Postdocs not termed by the last business day of the month are considered active on the first day of the following month.
  • Insurance carrier billing is pulled on the first of each month. To avoid paying health premiums beyond the termination date, an approved Termination Form must be received by the Postdoc Benefits Office by 3pm on the last business day of the month of termination.
  • Termination Forms received 25 days or more after the termination date will have a termination date of the last day of the current month.
  • Late terminations processed during current month appear on the following month's bills as an adjustment if applicable.
  • If applicable, credits will be issued on the following month's department charge file


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