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Transfer to Another Stanford Department

If a postdoc is moving to another department at Stanford, either as a postdoc or another classification, the following guidelines apply.

Transfer to another department as a Postdoctoral Scholar

  • Coordination between the postdoc admins in the two departments is necessary.

Appointing Department Steps:

  • The start date of the second (transfer) appointment MUST be the day after the end date of the first appointment
    • There cannot be a gap between appointments, nor can there be a date overlap, for reasons related to benefits and visas
  • The appointing department must initiate a new postdoctoral appointment following these guidelines.
    • The postdoc must provide a NEW email address for the invite. Do not use the same email address previously used to invite the postdoc to the current appointment
    • The administrator of the appointing department should check the Department Transfer box on the Recommendation Form online to indicate this is a transfer from another department.
  • Pay close attention to immigration status in the case of visa holders.

Terminating Department Steps:

  • The terminating department must end the postdoctoral appointment using the termination Action Reason PDEP to indicate a department transfer to avoid cancellation of insurance coverage.
  • The terminating postdoc administrator should email Postdoc Benefits, with a cc to the appointing postdoc administrator and to the appropriate manager in OPA, informing all parties of the transfer, rather than departure from Stanford, in order to avoid cancellation and reinstatement of insurance benefits.

Transfer to another department in a staff or academic staff position

  • Coordination between the administrators in the two departments is necessary.
  • The terminating department must end the postdoctoral appointment before the record can become available in the PeopleSoft HR system.
  • In all cases, the Stanford ID number and SUNet remain the same.