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Postdoc Programs Overview

Academic Career Trajectories

This Winter Quarter course introduces postdocs to skills needed to establish independent careers in academic and other settings through seminars by leading faculty and subject matter experts on topics related to directing and managing a research group.

GOOD FOR: Academic Careers, (varies by topic)

Advanced English for Non-Native Speakers

This series of classes offers intensive, advanced English training for non-native speaker postdocs to refine their proficiency and fluency, especially in an academic setting. There are 4 classes available, offered at various times throughout the year.

GOOD FOR: Communication, Academic Careers

Breakfast with Sofie Kleppner

These breakfasts provide an opportunity for postdocs across the university to discuss their postdoctoral experience, request additional programming and support, and share challenges with Associate Dean for Postdoctoral Affairs, Dr. Sofie Kleppner, and their peers.

GOOD FOR: Community

Brown Bag Lunches (BBL)

These are a variety of workshops, seminars, and information sessions held at lunchtime. Postdocs interested in the topic should bring their lunch to eat during the presentation.

GOOD FOR: Varies by topic

Communications Skills

These workshops help participants build and improve their communication skills.

GOOD FOR: Communication

Designing Your Postdoc

Apply design thinking to your postdoctoral training and reflect on who you are, where you are going, and how you can get there. You'll identify resources and plan to apply them to your training in the right place at the right time. The work we do together will support a thoughtful and balanced individual development plan.

GOOD FOR: Community

Faculty Job Prep Summer Series

This summer series brings together postdocs heading for the job market who will provide structured feedback, individual insight, and accountability as you draft your research statement, diversity statement, teaching statement, and cover letter.  By the end of the summer you will be well on your way to final application materials.

GOOD FOR: Academic Careers

Mentoring Fundamentals

This two-day workshop helps postdocs improve their mentoring and managing skills to work more effectively with undergraduates, graduate students, and research assistants and prepare for the academic job market.

GOOD FOR: Academic Careers, Communication

National Postdoc Appreciation Week

National Postdoc Appreciation Week (NPAW) is celebrated during the third week of September, and the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (OPA) and Stanford University Postdoctoral Association (SURPAS) host a variety of events to celebrate the 2200+ postdocs who make Stanford what it is. 

GOOD FOR: Community, Wellness

Postdoc Academic Chats

These monthly lunchtime seminars for postdocs from all disciplines led by Dr. Rick Reis cover topics relevant to pursuing academic careers. Topics vary monthly and readings are posted prior to the chat.

GOOD FOR: Academic Careers, Teaching (varies by topic)

Postdoc Pedagogy Journal Club

This is a monthly, cross-field journal club focusing on pedagogical topics, including teaching methods and pedagogy theory. In addition to helping participants engage in contemporary teaching training, this journal club fosters a community of postdocs interested in teaching.

GOOD FOR: Teaching, Community

Postdoc Social Events

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (OPA) hosts two large-scale social events per year (fall and spring), and Stanford University Postdoctoral Assocation (SURPAS) hosts social events at least quarterly.

GOOD FOR: Community

Postdoc Teaching Certificate

The Postdoc Teaching Certificate offered through the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs provides a framework for postdocs to engage in teaching preparation and practice.

GOOD FOR: Teaching, Academic Careers

Postdoc Wellness Programs

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs offers various workshops, series, and wellness-related events for postdocs throughout the year.

GOOD FOR: Wellness, Community

Preparing for Faculty Careers

This Spring Quarter course is for postdocs and advanced graduate students considering a career in academia. Through this course and its accompanying workshops, participants do self-exploration, learn about the variety of roles in academia, learn how to apply and land a faculty job, and develop a plan to thrive as a faculty member.

GOOD FOR: Academic Careers (varies by topic)

Scientific Teaching Series

Want to connect and exchange ideas with other aspiring faculty? Would you like to discuss strategies for engaging all students in their learning? Interested in exploring innovative strategies for assessing student understanding? This workshop series will provide hours of training in a scientific approach to teaching for aspiring faculty.

GOOD FOR: Teaching

Teaching MOOC

Throughout the year, we offer in-person discussion groups to be paired with popular Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) on teaching, which enable participants to experience a “flipped” class experience while engaging with online course content on teaching. 

GOOD FOR: Teaching

Teaching and Pedagogy

Teaching is integral to the professional development of many postdocs, especially those seeking academic careers. These workshops will provide a framework on which to build your skills, practice new techniques, and reflect on the experience.

GOOD FOR: Teaching

Teaching Workshop

This two-day teaching improvement workshop is designed to enhance participants’ versatility as teachers through a 7-component educational framework.

GOOD FOR: Teaching, Communication, Community

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