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OPA Program

Productivity, Creativity, & Focus in a Chaotic World

Getting things done can be a challenge any day. Trying to focus during a pandemic can be particularly challenging with new stressors and schedules at play. We know there are behaviors we could change to support ourselves better, yet finding the energy and motivation during global chaos is a struggle to say the least. Be it better relationship patterns, healthier eating habits, consistent sleep, more physical activity, or breaking that addiction to social media, there are good reasons to change and good reasons to stay where we are.

Self-Compassion in Academia & Career

Struggle is part of the human experience. How we handle difficult moments can be the difference between a downward spiral of critical isolation and a confident step toward the meaningful work we want to do in the world. This 90-minute workshop includes an overview of what self-compassion is (and isn’t!); a look at current research addressing the ways self-compassion protects ambition, increases productivity, and decreases stress; and several practical tools for HOW to practice self-compassion in accessible, impactful ways.

Oral Communication Summer B

I: Oral Communication

Summer Session B: Monday-Wednesday, July 13-15 & Friday, July 17, 1:00pm-3:00pm

Attendance is required ALL 4 Days

This course focuses on helping students improve their oral communication skills for academic and daily life. Emphasis is on increasing confidence and fluency through realistic activities both in and out of class covering pronunciation, idiom and slang usage, active listening skills, and conversation strategies.

Course topics:

Together In The Kitchen: Cooking Class with Michelle Greenebaum

The Office of Graduate Education and the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs invites you to an evening of virtual cooking!

Join Michelle Greenebaum of Together In The Kitchen in making a Chopped Mediterranean Salad and Baked Apple Crisp. Improve those chopping skills while also creating some delicious dishes from pantry-friendly ingredients. This class will focus on incorporating the ingredients you already have at home and getting creative!

There is a small amount of prep work needed before this class begins.

Efficient and Effective Planning: Build your Teaching Toolkit - Setting the Foundation: Starting with Learning and Working Backwards

This workshop sets the foundation for efficient and effective teaching by establishing a starting point from which instructors can begin developing teaching materials. So you can begin developing your own pedagogical framework, participants will be introduced to backwards course design and will gain hands-on experience with setting learning goals. Throughout, we will highlight ways to make your teaching inclusive and to actively engage students to improve their learning outcomes.


Efficient and Effective Planning: Build your Teaching Toolkit - Effective Class Sessions: Creating Engaging Lessons for All Students

This workshop will empower instructors with tools to foster student participation in their classes. To enable you to design class sessions that keep students engaged, participants will be introduced to strategies for incorporating active learning and student participation into all classes. Throughout, we will highlight ways to make your teaching inclusive and to actively engage students to improve their learning outcomes.



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