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OPA Program

SMS: Developing a Personalized and Effective Mentorship Style

Dr. Sharon Pitteri, Associate Professor of Radiology and Dr. Sofie Kleppner, Associate Dean for Postdoctoral Affairs

Establishing an authentic and effective mentorship style, if done well, can make your transition to a faculty role much easier. Topics covered will include setting expectations, motivating people, setting boundaries, establishing your lab culture, mentorship and working styles, and potential pitfalls in mentoring. This workshop will be a mix of lecture, scenarios, and discussion.

**PLEASE ARRIVE ON TIME out of respect for the speaker.**

SMS: Why Research Manuscripts Are Rejected and Publication Best Practices

Dr. Gwen Taylor,  Business Development Manager – Wiley Researcher Academy, Wiley Publishers

This lecture will review the most common reasons why research manuscripts are rejected, and how  proper training can save a lot of time and headaches in publishing endeavors. Best practices will be discussed, which can be applied to future research writing and publishing.

SMS: Starting Up Your Lab

Dr. Jody Puglisi, Professor of Structural Biology

Starting up your first lab can be an overwhelming project. This lecture focuses on equipment, space and other resources included in startup packages, setting up your laboratory, recruitment, preparing for your first grant submission and budgeting.

**PLEASE ARRIVE ON TIME out of respect for the speaker.**


SMS: Understanding Technology Transfers

Dr. Anne Kopf-Sill, Licensing Associate from the Office of Technology Licensing

Understanding Technology Transfers with Anne Kopf-Sill, Office of Technology Licensing  –  Institutional Perspective & US Views:  this lecture provides an overview of patents, policy, royalties, licensing, inventorship issues and statistics.

**PLEASE ARRIVE ON TIME out of respect for the speaker.**



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