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Career Development

Designing Your Postdoc

Your postdoc training is more than just research! Apply design thinking to the wicked problem of a comprehensive postdoctoral training plan and make a bold plan that amplifies your interests and values as you transition to your career of choice. The work we do together will support new perspectives, identify mentoring needs, and ensure that your individual development plan is thoughtful and balanced.

Note: there is approximately an hour of required prework for this session. You will receive details for the prework upon registration.

Learning by Design: Optimizing Course Design for Effective Student Learning

Are you developing a proposal for a course in your department? Are you planning to prepare a syllabus for an upcoming course or for the academic job search? The ability to create an effective course plan and syllabus is critical to the success of courses we teach, academic job searches, and in future academic positions.

Join us for an interactive workshop that will prepare you for developing or revising a course to be taught at or beyond Stanford. You will be able to:

Writing at the Intersections: Crafting a Diversity Statement

In their efforts to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, universities and employers are increasingly requiring prospective postdocs, fellows and employees to include a diversity statement in their application materials. This workshop will show you how to approach the diversity statement as a story about the intersections at which you stand and how those intersections inform your scholarship and teaching.

Academic Non-Faculty Leadership Roles Panel

This panel will highlight PhD-holders who are leaders at Stanford but are not faculty members. These panelists will discuss their career paths and their roles, as well as offering advice for those who are interested in "alt-ac" or non-faculty academic careers.


  • Dr. Ayodele Thomas, Associate Vice President for DEIB, UHR
  • Dr. Elizabeth Silva, Associate Vice Provost for Graduate Education, VPGE
  • Dr, Jeffrey Schwegman, Assistant Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences, H&S Dean's Office

The Art of Negotiation

Jessica Notini, Instructor, Stanford Law School

This lecture will examine critical negotiation theory involving how to move from an adversarial, “fixed pie” orientation to a more collaborative and creative orientation. We will discuss how to probe beneath surface positions, demands and strategies to discover the underlying needs and motivators of the people involved in a challenging conversation. We will also analyze how to analyze potential negotiated agreements in terms of other alternatives.

Getting Funding and How to Write a Grant

Dr. John Boothroyd, Professor of Microbiology & Immunology

This lecture will examine the mechanisms of writing and assembling a grant. We will examine writing strategies and requirements for the research plan, the heart of the grant. Other topics will include the grant "surrounds" --budget and its justification, research environment, biosketches, etc.

**PLEASE ARRIVE ON TIME out of respect for the speaker.**

Starting Up Your Lab

Dr. Jody Puglisi, Professor of Structural Biology

Starting up your first lab can be an overwhelming project. This lecture focuses on equipment, space and other resources included in startup packages, setting up your laboratory, recruitment, preparing for your first grant submission and budgeting.

**PLEASE ARRIVE ON TIME out of respect for the speaker.**

Obtaining and Negotiating a Faculty Position

Dr. John Boothroyd, Professor of Microbiology & Immunology

This lecture examines the key requirements for a successful faculty job search, with detailed information about: finding faculty openings, application package contents, CV preparation, writing the research and teaching interest statements, considerations for each stage of the interview process, professional follow-up communications, what to include in the resources request and tips on negotiating salary and benefits.

**PLEASE ARRIVE ON TIME out of respect for the speaker.**


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