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Faculty Guide for PRISM

PRISM Basics

PRISM is a recruitment mechanism intended to improve diversity among the postdoc population at Stanford. We welcome applicants with a wide variety of identities that are underrepresented within academia. Our foremost goals are to attract postdoc applicants who might not have otherwise considered Stanford for their postdoc who might thrive here, and to match those candidates to excellent faculty mentors. 

PRISM offers:

  • targeted outreach and advertising to broaden the postdoc applicant pool
  • a central application process with applicant coaching
  • travel funding and logistics support through OPA for interviews
  • 3-day visit as a cohort, including full-day interviews, access to current postdocs, and professional development
  • opportunties for follow-on funding
  • community-building activities for postdocs who come through PRISM


How Faculty can Engage with PRISM

  • Opt In: Feature your group on our PRISM Faculty page through this very brief questionnaire (includes a 200-word summary of your research)

  • Evaluate Candidates: If you are selected by a candidate, you will be notified with their application for evaluation. If you would like to review the candidate pool, please let us know.

  • Volunteer: Let us know if you are interested in attending a lunch, dinner, or reception to meet with and mentor candidates.


Selected by an applicant? PRISM Next Steps

If you have been selected by a PRISM applicant:

  • Review Applications: you will receive an email through our SmartSheet tracking system that will give you full access to the application for review (one email per applicant). You can also access your personal PRISM Applicant Dashboard here: *note: requires login to Smartsheet using your primary Stanford email address (SUNet ID)
  • Screen and Nominate: you should conduct a pre-screening interview of any interesting applicants and nominate any applicants who warrant further discussion. Nominations can be made via the PRISM Dashboard linked above or the emailed application links. When you nominate an applicant, the system will request your availability for interview scheduling and interview preferences during the PRISM visit week. Nominations and interviews do not constitute any expectation for an offer; the intention is you would only render an offer after the full interview if it is the right fit for you, your group, and the candidate. 
  • Selection and Scheduling: you will be notified within a month whether they have been selected for inclusion in the cohort and travel funding. If they have been selected, you will work with the applicant to schedule all interviews during your assigned time blocks. The PRISM team will handle all travel logistcs and costs. 
  • Interview and Offer: you will interview the candidate during the PRISM visit; the recommended practice is to provide a full postdoc interview in line with your group's standard practices. After PRISM has concluded, you may elect to render an offer. Those discussions take place between the faculty and candidate directly.
  • Notify PRISM: if you do render an offer, please let us know!


How to apply for PRISM Follow-on Funding

New for Fall 2021: 1-year, 50% postdoc fellowships will be available by application. Faculty will be able to apply for funding once they have completed the in-person PRISM interviews and have rendered an offer (contingent upon funding is acceptable). That application will be made available to interviewing faculty after the PRISM visit has concluded.