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Teaching with Continuing Studies BBL

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April 25, 2018 - 12:00pm to 1:30pm
Clark S360

Do you want to get paid teaching experience during your postdoc? The Continuing Studies offers classes on campus on evenings and weekend or online and is looking for postdocs to teach for them! We are hosting directors from Continuing Studies to talk about what they are looking for in a course, what kinds of support and training they offer, and how you can get involved. We will also have postdocs who have taught with them there to share their experiences. 


Continuing Studies is taking proposals now for Fall quarter! *The review date for Fall quarter is April 2nd, so pitch a course through the link in the previous sentence ASAP to have your idea reviewed before this panel. 

About the course types:

  • On campus classes are usually offered in evenings or on weekends, and can be anything from short weekend mini-courses or 5- to 10-week evening courses. If your proposal is approved, you would submit a syllabus and texts, and then you would have autonomy to teach on your own. The audience is generally the Stanford area community. On campus classes pay slightly less than online courses. 
  • Online classes are usually 5- to 10-week classes. You would work with curriculum experts, an instructional designer, and videographers to develop your online materials (your content with them coaching you on how to teach effectively online) before the quarter starts, and then your time commitment would be an hour weekly for a synchronous component (office hours, mini-lecture, Q&A, etc.). If your course is popular, it could be offered again with no additional prep work from you in subsequent quarters. The audience is people of many ages and backgrounds from around the world. Online classes pay $700 per course week (more for very large courses). 

To propose a course: 

You simply need a course description and an instructor bio (use the link at the top of this email). If they like your proposal, they will ask for more details (bullet points for each week's content). Proposals wil be reviewed starting April 2nd. 

If you think you might be interested, go ahead and propose a course (you can always cancel or postpone to another quarter). 


These courses taught through Continuing Studies would count toward teaching hours for the Teaching Certificate!