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Stanford Postdoc JEDI Champion Awards

Stanford Postdoc JEDI Champion Awards are a recognition of current Stanford University postdoctoral scholars who have served as champions of initiatives, activities, or efforts that advance justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion at Stanford and beyond.

This inaugural pilot of the Stanford Postdoc JEDI Champion Award is meant to provide a democratic way to support and facilitate the postdoc community with acknowledging the JEDI work of postdoctoral scholars. We will keep track of this year's awardees via the hashtag: #PostdocJEDIChampions21.

Overview of Nomination Process

Nominations require the nominee's name, email address, and a statement outlining the activities and the impact of the nominee's work. This statement should focus on highlighting the impact of the nominee's work as it pertains to championing justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. If possible, please include relevant details: what (activities, organizations, committees, etc.), when, who was impacted, and why this postdoc's contributions deserve recognition. 

Who may nominate?

Anyone in the Stanford ecosystem may submit a #PostdocJEDIChampion21 nomination, including postdoctoral scholars, undergraduate/graduate students, faculty, administrators, and/or staff. Multiple nominations (per person) can be submitted. However, self-nominations will not be considered.

Who may be nominated?

This award is only available to postdoctoral scholars at Stanford University. 

When and how to nominate?

The nomination period for the 2021 Postdoc JEDI Champion Awards was from July 26th, 2021 to midnight August 16th, 2021.  (Nominations are currently closed for this iteration of the JEDI Awards)

How are awardees chosen?

A diverse selection committee reviews nominations using an equitable selection rubric.

When will awardees be announced?

Awardees will be notified prior to the annual JEDI awards ceremony, which is held during National Postdoc Appreciation Week. In 2021, the award ceremony will be held on Tuesday, September 21, 3-4pm at the MSOB Courtyard. All are welcome to attend. 

What if I have questions?

You may send questions to the Postdoc Programs team at

Full Gallery of 2021 Postdoc JEDI Champions