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School of Medicine Dean's Postdoctoral Fellows Spring 2019

Name Department Research
Poonam Agarwal Dermatology Systematic characterization of the novel mammalian pluoripotency factor Regina
Chiara Anselmi Institute for Stem Cell Biology & Regenerative Medicine Evolutionary Conserved Mechanism that Control central Nervous System Regeneration and Degeneration
Eamon Byrne Bioengineering Structural characterization of a new opsin for next-generation optogenetics
Bing Cao Neurosurgery Role of retinoic acid receptor signaling in neuropathic pain
Dail Chapman Molecular & Cellular Physiology Investigating the C. elegans neuronal actin-spectrin cytoskeleton: the key components and their collective architecture
Stephen Clarke Neurosurgery A Novel Electrolytic Lesion Model for Non-Human Primate Stroke Research
Yuchao Gu Hematology Identification of an enhancer controlling telomerase expression in embryonic stem cells and cancer
Lei Han Molecular & Cellular Physiology Molecular mechanism of SGLT glucose transporters
Elena Itskovich Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences From patients to cells: Identifying molecular mechanisms of autism.
Shruti Jain Neurosurgery Elucidating the role of peritumoral astrocytes in promotion of GBM migration
Craig Kerr Developmental Biology Defining how trans-acting factors mediate ribosome specialization and translational control
Katharine Miller Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery The upper tip link insertion site in hair cell stereocilia: a functional and physical component of hearing
Christian Ngouadijio Nguetse Pediatrics/Infectious Diseases Investigation of the genetic association between red blood cell polymorphisms and protection from severe malaria.
Evan O'Brien Molecular & Cellular Physiology Dissecting complex allosteric signaling in Class B G-protein coupled receptors
Zhen Qi Stanford Institute for Stem Cell Biology & Regenerative Medicine Targeting Metastasis-initiating Cells through BCL11B in Breast Cancer
Omer Revah Psychiatry Functional integration into the rodent cortex of human stem cell-derived 3D cortical spheroids
Panjamaporn Sangwung Cardiovascular Medicine Mechanisms of Nat1-mediated insulin resistance and mitochondrial dysfunction
Yuval Simons Genetics Understanding the “flattening” of gene contributions to human complex trait heritability
Scott Simpkins Genetics Genome-wide Identification of KRAS-specific, Synthetic Lethal Interactions
Sirimuvva Tadepalli Microbiology & Immunology Boosting anti-tumor immunity using a novel dendritic cell adjuvant