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School of Medicine Dean's Postdoctoral Fellows July 2022

Name Department Research
Yanyan Zhao Bioengineering In situ study of tau bundling axonal microtubules by cryo-electron tomography
Sam Cooler Neurosurgery Large-scale classification and characterization of novel primate retinal cell types
Yae Hyun Rhee Cardiovascular Medicine Implications of Pcsk9 in Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms: Seeking Pharmacotherapy
Haggai Agmon Neurobiology Understanding a novel modular structure of neural circuits
Yuqi Tan Microbiology & Immunology Spatial Multi-Omics Investigation of T cells-driven Metastatic Melanoma Therapy
Celja Uebel Developmental Biology Meiotic Crossover Formation and Regulation
Egor Sedov Dermatology Elucidating Novel Genetic and Epigenetic Factors and their Functions in Congenital Birth Defects
James Stieger Neurology & Neurological Sciences Integrating brain state prediction and causal electrical stimulation to guide the development of targeted memory neuromodulation
Samuel Johnson Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics Using Deep Learning to Elucidate the Anatomical Underpinnings of Reading Ability
Jacob Schreiber Genetics Deciphering the dynamic cis-regulatory code and regulatory variant effects across continuous cell state manifolds at single-cell resolution
Young-Min Kim Genetics Natural killer cell engineering for induced trafficking and persistence in breast cancers
Mennatallah Albarqi Cancer institute, hematology RNA processing and telomerase regulation in stem cells and disease
Rebeca C. Arroyo Hornero Microbiology and Immunology Dissecting the mechanism of plasmacytoid dendritic cell functional diversification