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Reporting Social Security Numbers (SSNs) for Postdocs

In November 2019, a faster and more secure method of SSN/TIN submission was implemented for new Postdocs who have never submitted a SSN to OPA before.

Faster and Safer Method

1. Navigate to AXESS→Student→Submit SSN/ITIN.

Once you submit your SSN, the "Submit SSN/ITIN" option will disappear. If you need to make corrections, use the method below. 

Alternative Method

  1. Set up a temporary MedSecureSend account with Stanford IRT:
  2. Once your MedSecureSend account is active:

          - In the MedSecureSend "To" line enter:  postdocaffairs (at) stanford (dot) edu

          - In the MedSecureSend "Subject" line enter: Reporting New SSN

          In the body of the message, include:  

                 - Full legal name (First Name and Last Name)

                 - Stanford ID number

                 -  Full SSN

                 - Cell number (for any questions)

Protecting Your SSN*

    • Never list an SSN when posting a paper record on a public bulletin board
    • Never send SSNs via an electronic format*
    • Never have a computer log-in system where a person has to use their SSN
    • Never use SSNs on ID cards
    • Never send SSNs on postcards
    • Never store SSNs on unprotected computer systems
    • Never carry a Social Security Number (SSN) card on your person

*Please Note: AXESS and MedSecureSend meet Stanford's security requirements for sending SSNs electronically.