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Reporting Your Social Security Number (SSN) for Postdocs

Image of SSN Card

Report Your New Social Security Number (SSN) or TIN to the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs

How to submit your SSN or TIN via an encrypted secure message to our office in two steps:

  1. Follow instructions for setting up a temporary MedSecureSend account with Stanford IRT:
  2. Once your MedSecureSend account is set-up and ready to use, please do the following:

          - In the MedSecureSend "To" line enter:  postdocaffairs (at) stanford (dot) edu

          - In the MedSecureSend "Subject" line enter:  Reporting New SSN

          In the body of the message you must include:  

                 - Your Full Legal Name (First Name and Last Name)

                 - Your Stanford ID Number

                 -  Your full SSN Number

                 - Your Cell Phone Number (for any questions)


  • Postdoctoral scholars are required to have a social security number (SSN) or tax identification number (TIN).
  • If you do not have a SSN or TIN number, apply for one by getting the forms online at

Special Reminder About Protecting Your Social Security Number (SSN) *

    • Never list an SSN when posting a paper record on a public bulletin board
    • Never send SSNs via an electronic format*
    • Never have a computer log-in system where a person has to use their SSN
    • Never use SSNs on ID cards
    • Never send SSNs on postcards
    • Never store SSNs on unprotected computer systems
    • Never carry a Social Security Number (SSN) card on your person

* Please Note: MedSecureSend meets Stanford's security requirements for sending SSNs electronically.