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Gain Access to Postdoc Web Forms System

All appointment actions for postdoctoral scholars at Stanford University are managed online via PeopleSoft. Every department must have at least one administrator (Role# 1) and one approver (Role# 3) for postdoctoral appointments, typically the student services or postdoctoral administrator and the Department Manager, respectively. All departmental staff users require training in order to receive authority to access the postdoc system.

Required PeopleSoft Training:

University staff who administer postdoctoral scholar appointments are required to complete PeopleSoft training to receive PeopleSoft access.

  • PeopleSoft Concepts and Compliance (Login to STARS and search for AS-9000 to launch the training module. System updates take 24 hours after training is completed.)

Required Postdoc Policy and Web Forms Procedure Training:

Training classes for Postdoc Policy and Web Forms Procedure are held on the first Friday of every month at the Postdoc Open Lab (time and locations noted in Postdoc Open Lab section below). Plan for 2.5 hours.

  • Register to attend by email to Al Murray at alistair (at)
  • Authority for Postdoc Web Forms is granted to you by OPA at the request of your Department Manager/DFA (Role# 3 approver of postdoc web forms).
    • The Department Manager/DFA submits the request via HelpSU, or by email to alistair (at)
    • Staff information needed:  Staff full legal name, SUNet ID (not ID number), email address, phone number, Role#

NEW schedule a desktop training session using Zoom video conference software

  • School of Medicine - Contact Al Murray at alistair (at) to schedule a day/time.
  • All other Schools - Zoom sessions available on the second Friday of every month (unless otherwise noted) from 9:30-11:45am - contact Tammy Wilson at tjwilson (at) to sign up.

Postdoc Open Lab (not PeopleSoft/GFS Lab):

For anyone who needs a little one-on-one help with a question or problem, or in-person training in postdoc policy and web forms module in PeopleSoft. The lab is an unstructured format; first come, first served, and are staffed by OPA Staff. Please bring your real work with you for help in real-time.

Please bring your laptop, computers are not provided.

First Friday of every month, 9:15 am - 11:30 am, except where otherwise noted in the list of dates below.

NEW Location: Medical School Office Building (MSOB), Room x181

  • 2019
    • Apr 5, 2019
    • May 3, 2019
    • Jun 7, 2019
    • Jul 5, 2019
    • Aug 2, 2019
    • Sep 6, 2019
    • Oct 4, 2019
    • Nov 1, 2019
    • Dec 6, 2019

PeopleSoft GFS Help:

Other Important Trainings:

  • Benelogic Training - For Administrators to gain access to the third-party Benelogic system for managing postdoctoral insurance.
  • GFS Entry - Both online entry module and classroom policy class are required. It is recommended to take policy before taking online entry module.
  • J-1 Scholar Visa and H-1B Employment Visa - Training for basic J-1 and H-1B visa workflow processing.
    • Orientation and On-Boarding of new Postdocs - Online toolkit and best practices recommendations for effective preparation and support of new postdocs.
    • Postdoctoral Administrators Quarterly Meetings - Quarterly policy and procedures updates, presentation of issues and concerns by offices supporting postdocs at Stanford. Past meeting slides available on the Administrator's Blog.