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Access to Postdoc Web Forms System

Appointment actions for postdocs are managed in PeopleSoft/Axess/Web Forms. Departments need at least one admin (Role 1) and one approver (Role 3) for postdoc appointments, typically the student services or postdoc admin and the department manager, respectively. Access/authority for Role 1 users requires training.

Required PeopleSoft Training:

  • PeopleSoft Concepts and Compliance (Visit STARStake AS-9000).

Required Policy and Web Forms Training:

Until Further Notice All Postdoc Policy and Web Forms Trainings Are Only Available on Zoom

Zoom desktop trainings:

  • School of Medicine Admins: Zoom sessions are the first Friday of every month, from 9:00am-10:00am.
    • Contact Al Murray, alistair (at) to sign up.
  • Admins from all other Schools: Zoom sessions are the third Friday of every month, from 9:00am-10:00am.
    •  Contact Tammy Wilson at tjwilson (at) to sign up.

Required Authority Request:

  • Authority for postdoc web forms is granted at the request of Department Managers/DFAs (Role 3)
    • Department Managers/DFAs submit an authority request via SNOW ticket or by email to Al Murray at alistair (at)
    • Information needed to grant authority:
      • Department name
      • Staff full legal name
      • SUNet ID (not ID number)
      • Email address
      • Phone number
      • Role number
        • Role 1 Admin
        • Role 3 Approver
          • Roles 1 and 3 cannot be the same person
      • Name of staff member who currently has authority for requested role
        • Should the current staff authority be removed?

Postdoc Open Lab (not PeopleSoft/GFS Lab):

Zoom Only Until Further Notice: 

First Friday of every month, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm, unless otherwise noted below.

  • 2022
    • Feb 4
    • Mar 4
    • Apr 1
    • May 6
    • Jun 3
    • Jul 1
    • Aug 5
    • Sep 2
    • Oct 7
    • Nov 4
    • Dec 2

PeopleSoft GFS Help:

Other Trainings: