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Access to Postdoc Web Forms System

Access to the Postdoc Web Forms System

Access requires appointing departments to designate at least one staffer for each of the following roles. 

One person cannot hold multiple roles:

  • Postdoc Admin (Role 1) - typically the Student Services Manager
  • Approver (Role 3) - typically the DFA or Department Manager
  • Optional: Coordinator (Role 2) - reviews Role 1 work before submission to Role 3 for approval

We highly recommend designating a back up staffer for Roles 1 and 3 to cover vacations, leaves, etc.

Postdoc Admin (Role 1) system access/authority requires the trainings noted below.

Required Trainings


  • PeopleSoft Concepts and Compliance (Visit STARS, enroll in AS-9000)

Postdoc Policy and Web Forms

  • Zoom sessions are scheduled for the third Friday of every month, from 9:00am-10:00am (unless otherwise noted in the Training Request form linked below)
  • Request enrollment in a zoom training session here:  Postdoc Admin Training Request
  • Attendance in the zoom session requires completion of a Google Quiz using this web site as a resource
  • An authority granting approval request is sent by Smart Sheet to the DFA/Department Manager (Role 3)

Other Postdoc Admin Trainings (requirements vary by department):


Changing Existing Postdoc Web Forms Authority

(follow this process for staff who have previously been granted authority that is now changing)

  • Changes in existing authority are granted at the request of the DFA/Department Managers (Role 3) via SNOW ticket

Information needed to change authority:

  • Department name
  • Staff full legal name
  • SUNet ID (not ID number)
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Role number
    • Role 1 Admin
    • Role 3 Approver
      • Roles 1 and 3 cannot be the same person
  • Name of staff member who currently has authority for requested role
    • Should the current staff authority be removed?