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McCormick Fellows

Name Year Department Project/Nature of Research
Nesrine Benkafadar 2022 OTOLARYNGOLOGY Early regenerative triggers in damaged avian cochlea with the overarching goal to characterize the series of events that trigger and execute cochlear hair cell regeneration
Ewa Bielczyk-Maczynska 2022 CARDIOVASCULAR MEDICINE Regulation of adipocyte differentiation
Estelle Bishop 2022 GASTROENTEROLOGY Pathogenesis of neurological diseases related to enteric neuroimmunology
Victoria Hung 2022 GENETICS Defining the post-translational landscape of ribosomes in control of gene regulation and cell fate
Diane Tseng 2019 Medicine/Oncology Comprehensive profiling and identification of tumor-reactive T cells in human lung adenocarcinoma
Kathrin Leppek 2019 Developmental Biology/Genetics 5' UTR RNA elements that confer translational specificity to shape mammalian development
Jessica Walsh 2019 Psychiatry/Behavioral Sciences Investigation of the role of 5-HT in social behavior in mouse models of autism
Marcela Alcantara Hernandez 2018 Microbiology/Immunology Functional design of vaccines targeting skin dendritic cells
Sarah Totten 2017 Radiology/Canary Center at Stanford for Cancer Early Detection Global and site-specific glycosylation analysis of pancreatic mucinous cyst fluid: toward early detection of pancreatic cancer
Viviana Risca 2017 Genetics High-resolution mapping of local 3D chromatin structure in early mammalian differentiation
Christine Reid 2016 Genetics Elucidating the mechanism of Zika mediated microcephaly in the embryo
Ada Eban-Rothschild 2016 Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Defining input pathways of VTA-dopaminergic circuitry in sleep-wake regulation
Erin Valdez 2015 Neurology Cell intrinsic and microenvironmental etiologies of chemotherapy-induced white matter damage
Marjan Rafat 2015 Radiation Oncology/Radiation Physics Deconstructing the tumor microenvironment and its contribution to cancer metastasis
Sarah Ewald 2014 Microbiology and Immunology Determining the non-proteolytic mechanism of NLRP1 activation
Andrea Wills 2014 Genetics A genome-wide approach to define mechanisms of cell fate specification during vertebrate regeneration
Simin Rahighi 2013 Structural Biology Ubiquitin signaling pathways in the regulation of cellular functions
Catherine Christian 2012 Neurology and Neurological Sciences Optical Stimulation of Astrocytic Endozepine Release in the Thalamus
Diana Libuda 2012 Developmental Biology Recombination pathway and partner choice during meiotic double-strand break repair