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Making an Offer to a Direct-Funded Postdoc Job Aid

This Job Aid provides a template to ensure a postdoc will bring sufficient funding to meet the minimum required salary and benefits costs in cases where the intent is for the outside funding to cover all costs. This should be sent prior to initiating the Invite in the PS Web Forms System to ensure the appointment is feasible and that the faculty and departments do not incur unexpected costs.

Short‐falls in funding due to fluctuation of currency exchange rates, increases to Provost‐approved required salaries, and dependent additions to benefits (births, marriages) will continue to be the responsibility of the appointing faculty and/or department.

Upon invitation, departments must also submit a formal Postdoc‐Paid Insurance Premium Exception Request. Detailed instructions can be found on the OPA website here:

Suggested Template

Dear [Postdoc Name},
We are excited by your interest in a postdoctoral scholar appointment in our department at Stanford.

Thank you for sending along your CV and funding details. Before a formal invitation is made, I would like to confirm that your benefits and funding will cover the minimums required by the University Provost. I see that your funding will cover medical benefits. We would like to confirm that your coverage includes the Institutional Cost for the Stanford health insurance as listed on the 2022 Monthly Contribution Rates document. Note that there may be additional out‐ of‐pocket costs not included in the minimum required funding if you elect dependent coverage for your family.

A note about insurance coverage: Stanford requires that all postdocs, regardless of visa status, be covered by health insurance that meets the Affordable Care Act and other Stanford requirements. In most cases, that means using the Stanford SHCA plan. Note that we have not seen a travel insurance policy that meets ACA standards. If you have questions about whether another insurance plan meets our requirements, we recommend that, BEFORE YOU PURCHASE, you send a copy of the Explanation of Benefits for your plan to for review.

In order for us to extend an offer, the following funding plus estimated increases should be included. Note that the funding required will increase if adding dependents to the insurance plan as shown.

Coverage Annual Insurance*(paid in monthly installments) Minimum Annual Salary** Minimum Required Total Funding
Postdoc Only $10,753 $68,238 $78,991
Postdoc + Spouse $21,540 $68,238 $89,778
Postdoc + Children $17,475 $68,238 $85,714
Postdoc + Family $29,920 $68,238 $98,158

* Rates will likely increase Calendar Year 2023, effective January 1, 2023. Estimate a 5% increase for months January 2023 - on.

** Minimum will likely increase Academic Year 2023-24, effective September 1, 2023. Estimate a 4.5% increase for months September 2023- on.


Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this information.


Best regards,

[Postdoc Admin or PI Name]