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Financial Assistance Program for Postdoctoral Scholars

Emergency Grant-In-Aid Funds (for Unexpected Expenses) for Postdoctoral Scholars

Emergency Grant-in-Aid Funds assist postdoctoral scholars who experience a financial emergency or unanticipated expenses, e.g., medical, dental, etc., causing financial hardship for themselves or their dependents. This program is designed to assist those who cannot reasonably resolve their financial difficulty through fellowships or loans. Emergency Grant-in-Aid awards are grants that reimburse actual expenses. These awards are not a loan, and do not need to be repaid. Emergency Grant-in-Aid awards are taxable. Aid is made to reimburse postdocs for expenses of up to $5,000 per academic year (Sept. 1 to Aug. 31).  Expenses must be incurred within the current academic year to be reimbursed. No carryover of expenses into following year. No reimbursements will be made for prior year in current year. All requests for reimbursements must be submitted in time to pay out at the end of the current academic year.
Eligible Expenses: 
Any unanticipated or unusual expenses, e.g., medical, dental, etc., outside of the typical postdoc budget will be considered. Each case is considered on its own merits.

Temporary COVID-19 related funding:
Includes, but is not limited to, unexpected travel expenses, costs incurred as a result of performing essential research on campus, or accommodation to unexpected changes in family finances. This is a generous, funding opportunity made available by the provost and SOM Dean. We will do our best to reimburse all reasonable requests. Please note that you may not be awarded the full amount requested due to limited funding of this program.

As of August 19, 2020, office setup requests should be redirected to your department.


Please Note - Emergency Grant-in-Aid funds are not intended for:

  • standard living expenses (including routine motor vehicle maintenance and repairs);
  • standard medical expenses (e.g., monthly premiums, co-pays, routine dental care, glasses/contact lenses, expenses incurred due to waived dental or vision insurance, etc.);
  • elective procedures (this includes fertility treatment and orthodontia);
  • medical expenses incurred by seeing an out-of-network provider or for services not covered under the plan - exceptions include compelling medical reasons explained by the referring provider;
  • visa or immigration costs (including medical exams);
  • legal expenses
  • expenses prior to Stanford postdoctoral appointment;
  • when other aid has ceased; or
  • for research-related expenses (including travel to conferences). 
  • Postdoctoral scholars appointed through the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs are eligible to apply.
  • Postdocs must be in good standing and their appointment end date must be 90-days or more from the submission date of the Grant-in-Aid application.
  • All non-immigrant foreign scholars in J-1 visa status must review their financial needs with an advisor at the Bechtel International Center before submitting an application. 
To Apply:

Step 2: From your email account ( send an email to by typing "Secure: Grant-in-Aid Application" in the subject line and attaching the following required documentation:

  • Required documentation of expenses: complete the Grant-in-Aid Worksheet and attach it to your email along with copies of billing statements and/or receipts (sensitive data redacted). If requesting aid to cover medical or dental costs, actual invoices from the doctor’s office and your insurance policy's Explanation of Benefits (EOB) document are required.
  • Postdoctoral Scholars who are married or in a registered domestic partnership must include their and their spouse’s latest income tax return (first page only, with sensitive data redacted). International postdocs who do not have a tax return must provide other documentation proving income (including international funds), marital status and/or dependent status.
Application Review:
The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs will review the applicant’s financial assistance history and appointment record. The Grant-In-Aid Committee will contact you for additional information or to notify you of the status of your application via email approximately six weeks after all required application materials have been received. 

Have a Question Before Applying?   
For questions please click here to use Stanford's HelpSU system to submit your inquiry online.  (Please do not inlclude any sensitive medical or other private data in this form.)

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