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Dean's Fellows, January 2021 Start

Postdoc Department Project
Abitbol, Julia Otolaryngology: Head & Neck Surgery Enhancing Proliferative Regeneration in the Mammalian Cochlea
Bhattacharya, Asmita Genetics Mapping the oncogenic potential of Carboxypeptidase D in lung cancer organoids
Chien, Chih-Ta Bioengineering Understanding the structure-activity relationship of kidney-specific chloride channel
Datta, Rohini Genetics ADAR-mediated transcript engineering for site-directed RNA editing in neurodegenerative diseases
Hays, Michelle Genetics Contrasting biotic and abiotic drivers of adaptive evolution in a host-pathogen conflict
Ho, Po-Yi Bioengineering Mechanistic models for predicting the dynamics of microbial communities
Ilbay, Orkan Pathology Functions of Prion-like Domains in Multicellular Organisms
Khanna, Kanika Bioengineering Elucidating hydrogen economy of the gut to modulate host energy balance
Levy, Tom Stanford Institute for Stem Cell Biology & Regenerative Medicine Mechanisms of natural selection and germline stem cell competition in a naturally chimeric colonial tunicate
Lovell, Scott Pathology A phage display approach to identify targeted covalent inhibitors
Meng, Xiangling Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences Uncovering the Cellular and Molecular Basis of Vanishing White Matter Disease Using Human Brain Organoids
Natarajan, Aravind Department of Medicine (Hematology) & Genetics Decoding microbe-host communication via GPCRs
Pathak, Divya Biochemistry Unraveling the coiled-coil: Investigating hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM)-causing mutations in the myosin tail
Sidhwani, Pragya Biochemistry Discovering mechanisms regulating repeat element transcription and genome stability
Thompson, Samuel Bioengineering Mapping non-aqueous protein sequence space to expand the potential in protein engineering
Uenaka, Takeshi Stanford Institute for Stem Cell Biology & Regenerative Medicine The application of engineered hematopoietic stem cells to the novel therapeutics for neurodegenerative diseases
Wan, Jun Bioengineering High-throughput development of novel epigenetic regulators for macrophage killing activity
Wang, Mengxiong Radiation Oncology Uncovering synthetic lethal interactors with p53 mutations for therapeutic targeting of lung cancer
Weiner, Alexis Pathology Positive and Negative Feedback in Planar Cell Polarity
White, Shannon Genetics A method to simultaneously profile multiple DNA-binding protein landscapes