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Dean's Fellows, January 2020 Start

Name Department Project
Aghevlian, Sadaf Radiology Developing an engineered adeno-associated virus system to image the delivery of gene therapy to the brain
Blacher, Eran Neurology and Neurological Sciences The gut-brain-immune axis after stroke: mechanisms and clinical predictive potential
Braun, Amy OBGYN Determining the role of sex chromosomes in normal and abnormal placentation
Fung, Connie Pathology The role of intestinal taste cells in regulating parasite expulsion from the gut
Hebert, Jess Genetics Genetic determinants of immune evasion by metastatic lung cancer
Jang, SoRi Biochemistry Mapping the initiation of tumor-infiltration by immune cells at single-cell resolution
Kim, Seungsoo Chemical & Systems Biology Transcription Factor Cooperation in Craniofacial and Limb Development
Li, Zhengda Chemical & Systems Biology Geometrical constraints in neuronal pruning
Ma, Mengxiao Biochemistry The Biochemical Requirements of Oncogenic WNT Signaling
Metzl-Raz, Eyal Genetics Temporal and epigenetic determinants of sensitivity and robustness in the differentiating cell
Nandwani, Neha Biochemistry Uncovering the molecular and structural basis of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) causing mutations in myosin and myosin binding protein-C
Pham, Edward Gastroenterology and Hepatology Novel therapeutics for liver cancers using PI4KIIIB inhibitors
Wei, Yichao Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences Dissecting the genetic and neural basis of social attachment
Miklas, Jason Genetics Disruption of the communication between systems during aging