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2021-2022 Family Grant Program

The Postdoctoral Scholar Family Grant will provide up to $5,000 per academic year (Sept 1 through Aug 31) per family to eligible postdoctoral scholars with dependent children.  Funds may be used flexibly as needed toward family expenses such as healthcare and rent.  Awards will be paid monthly and are considered taxable income.

Eligibility Requirements


  • You must be a postdoctoral scholar in good standing, and your appointment end date must be 90-days or more from the submission date of the Family Grant application. Only one application per family should be submitted if both parents are postdoctoral scholars.


  • Must be your legal dependent(s) as shown on your 2020 federal income tax return. For children born after January 1, 2021, a birth certificate (or other official documentation) will be required
  • New international postdocs or others who may not have filed a 2020 federal tax return must submit alternate documentation (e.g., birth certificates or dependent visas). All documentation must be in English or translated into English. Translated documentation must be notarized.

Household Income

  • You must have annual household income of $150,000 or less. You must demonstrate your financial  need by submitting appropriate income documentation (e.g., 2020 federal income tax documents), including child support received. Postdocs who are experiencing significant changes in income from one year to the next will be able to submit information about current income.
  • If you share a household with the parent of your child)(ren), they must provide financial information.

Award Level

  • Awards may range from $1,000 - $5,00 for the current academic year, Sept 1  through Aug 31 depending on family financial circumstances.
  • Award levels are based on your household's Federal taxable gross earnings as documented by prior year tax forms, documentation of child support payments received (if applicable), and the age and number of eligible children. Expenses for child care, health care, and rent will also be factored in to our consideration.
  • Families with children under 10 years old as of 9/1/2021 will be given greater consideration.
  • The Financial Aid Office will consider your individual circumstances as explained on your application and will establish your grant eligibility (no more than $5,000 total grant) based on your individual financial situation.
  • Postdocs are eligible for one grant per family, per academic year, Sept 1 through Aug 31). Funds will be disbursed monthly, through the Graduate Financial Support system, and will be prorated for periods of eligibility less than 12 months.  For example, if you are eligible for a $5,000 award, you will receive 416.67 per month during periods of eligibility.  Those who become eligible after September 1 will only be eligible for a prorated amount.  Taxes may be withheld on this income.

Application Process

Applications will receive funding on a rolling basis. Applicants should wait to apply until after their child is born.

  • Complete Family Grant Application 2021-2022.
  • Have the required documentation readily available for upload at the time you submit your application:
    • ​2020 federal Income tax return ( all pages)
      • ​1st year international postdocs who do not have a US income tax return may submit most recent translated foreign tax return or annual income statement
    • Birth certificates for child(ren) born after 1/1/2021

To Submit Your Documents:

What Happens Next?

The Financial Aid Office will notify you of your eligibility via your Stanford email account. Funds will be disbursed on a monthly basis via GFS.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am temporarily working at reduced effort. Am I still eligible for the Family Grant?

Postdocs are expected to be full-time. Under some circumstances, with approval from the Associate Vice Provost and Associate Dean of the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, a postdoc may temporarily work part-time. In this case, you will still be entitled to receive the Family Grant. Postdocs on an approved unpaid personal Leave of Absence will generally not be eligible.

I do not have children who are dependents, but I am supporting other family members (e.g., parents, siblings). Am I eligible for this grant?

No. This program was created specifically to support postdocs who are parents with their unique needs. While we understand that you may also have unique needs, these funds were not made available for postdocs in your situation.

Someone else claims my child(ren) for tax purposes, but I still have expenses related to their support. Can I still apply?

Yes, you may still apply. You should provide information about the situation and your expenses along with your application. Grant eligibility is based on financial need.

What are acceptable forms of documentation for our parent/child relationship?

  • Child is claimed as a dependent on your latest tax return, or
  • Copy of a birth certificate, or
  • Letter from the hospital, or
  • Court Orders establishing custody or guardianship, or
  • F2 or J2 visa documentation

I am a postdoc who is also enrolled in a degree program. Can I apply?

Yes, this program is appropriate for postdocs who are enrolled in a degree program.

I am a postdoc and my partner is a graduate student. Can we apply to both the postdoc and graduate Family Grant programs?

Only one grant (Postdoc Child Care Grant and Family Grant or the Graduate Family Grant) will be awarded per family. You may apply to both and we will award whichever is most advantageous for your family.

Where can I get more information about taxes related to this funding?

All support is subject to US and California tax law. You can find more information about taxes for postdocs at the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs.

I still have questions. Who can I talk to?

The Financial Aid Office is managing this program in partnership with the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs. Please email Postdoc Family Support with additional questions.