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Self-Compassion in Academia & Career

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July 20, 2020 - 12:00pm to 1:30pm
Sarah Meyer Tapia

Struggle is part of the human experience. How we handle difficult moments can be the difference between a downward spiral of critical isolation and a confident step toward the meaningful work we want to do in the world. This 90-minute workshop includes an overview of what self-compassion is (and isn’t!); a look at current research addressing the ways self-compassion protects ambition, increases productivity, and decreases stress; and several practical tools for HOW to practice self-compassion in accessible, impactful ways. We will discuss how to practice self-compassion in school and work without compromising success; explore self-compassion in leadership and teams; take a self-compassion inventory from lead researcher Kristen Neff; do some real-time experiential practice; and do some Q&A around practical challenges to practicing self-compassion.

Workshop Facilitator:
Sarah Meyer Tapia, MA, is Associate Director in the Division of Health & Human Performance at Stanford University, overseeing the Wellness Education academic program for students. Her passion is educating the whole person for lifelong flourishing. An educator since 2003 and at Stanford since 2013 she’s worked in both employee and student wellness, studying and teaching stress-management, mindfulness, self-compassion, and behavior change to students, faculty, and staff.  Sarah earned her graduate degree in Counseling and Health Psychology from Santa Clara University and is currently a PhD student in Integral & Transpersonal Psychology.