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Michaelle Mayalu

Stanford Departments and Centers: 
Mechanical Engineering
Person Title: 
Assistant Professor

We are an interdisciplinary research laboratory that focuses on model-based analysis, design, and control of biological function at the molecular, cellular, and organismal levels to optimize therapeutic intervention.

Near-future research directions

  • Design and implementation targeted synthetic microbe therapies
  • Interorgan communication in health and disease
  • Synthetic pattern formation in growing microbial populations

The Mayalu Lab is seeking bright, talented, and motivated graduate students and postdocs to fill several positions.

These are great opportunities to work on control theoretic and experimental aspects of model-based design of synthetic biological and biomedical systems. 

Postdocs with additional training in synthetic microbiology, genetic recombination technology, bioengineering or related fields are encouraged to apply to help launch the experimental research program.