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Individual Development Plan (IDP) Meeting System

Welcome to the Individual Development Plan (IDP) system.

Please login to the system by clicking the button below to report (postdoc), confirm (faculty) or view (staff) IDP meetings.

If not logged in via Stanford WebAuth, you will be asked to sign in with your SUNet ID and password, and then use the simple form to report or confirm a postdoc IDP meeting. If you are using a shared machine, please be sure to log out of recently used Stanford accounts, then close your browser window before logging in.

To report or confirm a meeting: please press the "Postdoc IDP Meeting System" button below
which will start your login process in a new window.

Postdoc IDP Meeting System

For more details about IDP meeting reporting, please see Key Steps for the IDP process.

Please note: Chrome or Firefox web browsers are recommended for the reporting process. Additionally, your browser must be set to allow cookies for the sign-in process. Click here for help enabling cookies in Chrome or Firefox.

Questions, comments or feedback?
Please submit a HelpSU ticket by selecting "Central Office Issues" and "Postdoctoral Affairs"
or email postdocidp[at]stanford[dot]edu.

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