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The postdoc Teaching Certificate is offered through the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs to provide teaching preparation and opportunities to postdoctoral scholars. Teaching is integral to the professional development of many postdocs, especially those seeking academic careers. This certificate has been developed to provide a framework on which to build your skills, practice new techniques, and reflect on the experience. The certificate requires approximately 100 hours to complete, and can be completed in one year, or over the course of several years. The preparation, practice, assessment, and reflection will be complied to serve as the basis of your teaching portfolio, the capstone piece of the certificate.

Participation in the teaching certificate program is voluntary and must be approved by your faculty sponsor. We recommend discussing your plans in the context of your Individual Development Plan Also note postdoc policy on teaching

The teaching certificate is comprised of 4 parts. Approximately 2/3 of your effort should be dedicated to teaching preparation and training. The remaining 1/3 is devoted to teaching and developing your portfolio.
1. Required teaching training – 35 hours minimum
2. Elective Courses and Workshops – 35 hours minimum
3. Teaching Practice – approximately 20 hours including minimum 5 hours in class
4. Teaching portfolio – approximately 10 hours

There is no required order to the components, although we recommend specific skills development before practice (e.g. take a course in curriculum design before designing your curriculum).

Postdoc Teaching Certificate Process

Postdoc Teaching Certificate Requirements

Teaching Training:  Approximately 35 Hours


Examples: current or past offerings that would meet this requirement


Teaching Workshop for Postdocs
Attend both days of 1 session
12 hours


This workshop is offered 3 times per year and has limited enrollment; please indicate your interest in the Teaching Certificate when applying.

Comprehensive Pedagogy Workshop or Course
15 hours minimum of instruction

Opportunities not listed on the Teaching Certificate website must be approved; please email
with details for OPA review.

Postdoc Pedagogy Journal Club
Attend at least 6 sessions



Elective Courses/Workshops: at least 35 hours


Examples: current or past offerings that would meet this requirement


A selection of courses, workshops, etc., to complement your required teaching training.


The number of courses required depends on the number of in-class hours total between the required teaching workshops and electives, totaling a minimum of 70 training hours.

Teaching Preparation


Teaching Technique


Teaching Tools


Classroom Management

  • Undergraduate Teaching Series: Managing the Classroom, Classroom Conduct, and Working with a Diverse Student Population; Engaging the Student in and out of the Classroom


Diversity and Inclusiveness

  • VPTL: Creating an Inclusive Classroom



Teaching Practice: approximately 20 hours


Examples: current or past offerings that would meet this requirement


Teach at least 5 hours in a classroom. The 5 hours is in-class time and does not include preparation time.

This may include a combination of multiple opportunities; see the Teaching Opportunities site for more examples.
Each Teaching opportunity must include:

  • Original course content
  • Teacher assessment: evaluation surveys, pre/post assessments, observer and feedback; video and feedback
  • Class activities, assignments, and/or assessments

Teaching Portfolio: approximately 10 hours

Teaching Statement



Other Portfolio Pieces

  • Original Course Syllabi
  • Teaching Evaluations, Annotated
  • Course Assignments, Annotated
  • Course Assessments, Annotated
  • Teaching Video
  • Other Portfolio Content, as applicable



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