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Mentoring Group for Postdoctoral Administrators

One of Stanford's greatest resources is the knowledge and expertise of it's staff! The purpose of the Postdoctoral Adminstrators Mentoring Group is to provide resources and information to answer your postdoctoral process and policy questions, and to inspire interdepartmental collaboration among you, the more than 200 administrators who serve the more than 2,200 Postdoctoral Scholars at Stanford.

A seasoned and knowledgeable group of Postdoctoral Administrators have joined together to create this group. These dedicated volunteers have many years of cumulative experience, and are available as a resource to share their knowledge of postdoctoral policy and their experience with the postdoc web forms system, as well as helpful checklists and templates to increase efficiency and reduce duplication of efforts among administrators.

Mentoring Group Resources

To request support from the Postdoctoral Administrators Mentoring Group, please submit a HelpSU to the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs. If you would like to connect with a mentor, please write in the HelpSU form, "I would like to be connected with a Postdoctoral Administrator Mentor" and the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs will connect you with the Postdoctoral Administrators Mentoring Group. If you have a specific question or need for training, the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs will respond to your inquiry.