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End Postdoctoral Appointments

The postdoctoral appointment is contingent upon programmatic need, satisfactory performance, and the existence of funding. There is no guaranteed or implied renewal at the end of the term; the faculty mentor and postdoc should discuss renewal well before the end date, a minimum of 3 months if a visa is required. International postdocs may be eligible for up to five full years of a J-1 visa program, but there is no guarantee that the appointment will be renewed. Subject to the limits set forth in university policy, the appointment may be subject to early termination or non-renewal.

For any postdoctoral appointment that is ending:

The postdoctoral administrator must submit a Termination Form in PeopleSoft at least 30 days prior of the end date of the appointment. The form is necessary in order to end the appointment and benefits charges.

The department is responsible for:

  • Obtaining a forwarding address from the postdoc to be entered in the Termination web form
  • Ending all pay lines for the scholar
  • For international scholars: submitting necessary forms to Bechtel I-Center to amend the J1 program when appointments end more than 15 days prior to the J program end date

The postdoc will be mailed COBRA (insurance) materials to the forwarding address provided; he or she is eligible to extend existing medical and/or dental insurance coverage.

Terminations submitted after the 30-day window are considered late.

COBRA REGULATIONS state that we must notify our plan administrator within 30 days of a termination. What this means for departments:

  • To avoid paying health premiums beyond the termination date, an approved termination form must be received by the Postdoc Benefits Office by 3pm on the last day of the month in which the postdoc is terminating
  • Termination forms received 25 days or more after the termination date will have a termination date of the last day of the current month
  • The Postdoc Benefits Office is not able to refund premiums beyond the current month
  • Additional penalties may be incurred in relation to compliance with insurance and visa regulations

Early Termination:

When the sponsoring faculty ends the postdoctoral appointment prior to the current appointment end date, an early termination process applies. Click here for the early termination process.

Terminating an Approved Appointment That Did Not Begin:

In a case where the appointment has been approved but the scholar rescinds the appointment acceptance prior to the appointment start date, a termination web form is required to end the appointment and stop the accrual of tuition fees and benefits charges. When creating the termination web form, please enter the appointment start date in the New End Date field to show the appointment did not begin.