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Administrator Responsibilities

Admins authorized by their departments to handle postdoc paperwork and other actions receive training from OPA. Admins require working knowledge of visa and immigration regulations.

Admin responsibilities include:

  • Initiating appointments on behalf of faculty 
  • Monitoring upcoming renewals
  • Monitoring minimum funding requirements
  • Processing related actions in compliance with postdoc, payroll, grant, and contract policies
  • Orienting new postdocs pre-arrival communication, arrival meetings, and onboarding
  • Answering questions on an ongoing basis
  • Identifying required postdoc training (health and safety, payroll, etc.) and monitoring compliance
  • Ensuring postdocs have current appointments (end date has not passed without extension)
  • Ensuring postdocs are funded appropriately based on months/years of experience
  • Advising faculty in advance in case of non-renewable appointments, and all matters related to postdoc policy.
  • Preparing required documentation for review
  • Maintaining complete/accurate postdoc records
  • Attending quarterly postdoc admin meetings to stay current on policy, procedure, and program issues
  • Advocating for community and network building opportunities for postdocs, such as email lists and including postdocs in department functions, committees, and academic/social activities