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Job Aid: Viewing Documents in Nolij

Nolij is used to view documents in Web Forms in AXESS. Due to privacy issues, documents must be viewed directly in Nolij. At this time, the document upload function in the Recommendation Form is disabled. Postdoc candidates can upload documents via the Information Sheet Data Form. If there are additional documents needed, email them to OPA. 

In Nolij, Applicant ID (which is different than EMPLID or Student ID or SUNETID) is needed to view documents. AS has added Applicant ID to the Information Sheet and to the Recommendation Form for this new process. 

How to find Applicant ID on the Information Sheet (Data Form)

  • Click the OPA/Bechtel Center tab.
  • Select "My Approvals" from the Work Flow Transaction list drop-down menu.
  • Select "PD-INFO-SHEET" from the Activity drop-down menu.
  • Pending Info Sheets should appear below. 
  • Click on the Info Sheet you need to open it.
  • Once open, you should see the Applicant ID.

How to log in to Nolij to review documents

  • Open a new browser tab. 
  • Go to
  • If a Java warning appears, click "Proceed without Java."
  • In the EMPLID field, enter the Applicant ID and press "Enter." 
  • A folder, named as the Applicant ID, should appear. 
  • Click the folder to open it. 
  • Click a document to view it. 
  • Note: double-clicking a document opens it in a new tab, where it can be saved or printed. 

Uploading documents in Nolij

  • PDFs can be uploaded to the postdoc candidate's open document list by dragging a file from your computer and dropping it into the document list. 
  • Please scroll down to the bottom of the document list to ensure you see the uploaded document title (if you do not see it, it did not upload).
  • PDFs must be dragged from your computer hard drive; PDFs dragged from an email will not upload.


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