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Job Aid: Tips on Reviewing the Information Sheet (Data Form)

After the Postdoc receives the appointment invite, he/she will complete an Information Sheet (Data Form) and upload supporting documents. The completed Information Sheet is submitted to the Admin for review and approval. The tips below will help the Admin complete the Information Sheet review and determine if it is ready for approval, or if it should be returned to the postdoc for corrections. When returning an Information Sheet to a postdoc, click Return (not Decline - declining an Info Sheet ends the invite process. Restarting an invite requires sending a new invite to a new postdoc email address).

IMPORTANT: After the Admin approves the Information Sheet, the data is LOCKED; errors cannot be edit or corrected by ANYONE.


Finding the Information Sheet

  • In AXESS
  • Click on the OPA/Bechtel Center tab
  • In the Workflow Transaction List field, click My Approvals
  • In the Activity field, click PD-INFO-SHEET
  • In the Workflow Activity Description, click on the Info Sheet to be reviewed.


Reviewing the Information Sheet

Data in the Information Sheet must be compared to the postdoc's supporting documents. The postdoc's supporting documents are found in the Nolij database. See Job Aid: How to review and upload documents to Nolij.

  • Personal Details Section
    • Compare name and birth date data to passport (international) or I-9 documents (U.S. citizen).
    • If any of the following information is incorrect, you must return the info sheet to the postdoc for correction.
      • If international scholar:
        • Name entered must match the machine-readable name data on the passport (letters and spaces only; no symbols).
        • Birth date must be in U.S. format (mm/dd/yyyy).
          • Watch for birth dates entered in European format (dd/mm/yyyy), and current year in place of birth year.
        • Birth city must be provided (must match passport - except Chinese passports which show province rather than city).
        • If invited postdoc holds dual citizenship, all data must match the passport under which they are requesting the visa.
      • If domestic:
        • Data must match documents provided for I-9 form (e.g., driver's license, social security card, etc.).
  • Ethnicity Information and Personal Addresses Sections
    • These sections do not require Admin review.
  • Funding Details Section
    • If postdoc has outside funding, a Notice of Award (NOA) or funding letter must be included in the supporting documents
    • Review NOA or funding letter to ensure it meets requirements (see How to Appoint Postdocs, Required Documents, Notice of Award/Funding Letters).
      • If you are unsure the NOA/funding letter meets requirements, submit it to OPA for pre-review.
  • Education Details Section
    • Review for missing PhD information or incorrect degree conferral date.
      • Compare data to degree/diploma/letter of completion conferral date.
      • Click "View All" to review data from all institutions.
  • Work Experience Section
    • Click "View All" to review data from all positions.
      • Compare positions and dates to work/research experience noted on CV.
  • Uploaded documents in Nolij
    • Documents not available when postdoc submits Info Sheet can be emailed to Admin for upload when submitting the Recommendation Form.
    • Postdoc should upload:
      • Proof of degree (diploma, degree certificate, transcript, or letter of completion)
      • CV
      • Passport and work authorization document (if international)
      • Notice of Award or funding letter (if outside funded)
    • Admin should upload:
      • Any documents not available to postdoc when Info Sheet was submitted
      • Research Experience Calculator (if postdoc has previous research experience)
      • Currency conversion printout (if outside funding is paid in foreign currency)
      • Outside funded benefits coverage approval email (if applicable)


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