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Job Aid: How to search for a saved or submitted postdoc invite form

  • From STF Postdoc, click "Postdoc Invite" 
  • To search for all postdoc invites, click "Search" 
  • To search for a specific postdoc invite:
    • In the search criteria fields, enter postdoc's first and last names and click "search".
    • From Search Results, click the Transaction ID of the Postdoc Invite.
  • After the Postdoc Invite is submitted
    • The postdoc receives an email with instructions to log in to the Secure Portal to complete the Information Sheet (Data Form) [info sheet] and upload required documents. 
    • After the posdoc submits the info sheet, admin gets email with instructions to log in to workflow to review and approve the Information Sheet. 
    • Review the Info Sheet Reviewing Tips.
    • The info sheet can be returned to postdoc for correction if needed. 
    • After info sheet and documents are approved, admin can now create Recommendation Form. 


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