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Job Aid 6th Year Extension Change Requests

  • Reappointments beyond 60 months of postdoctoral research experience (max. 72 months) are exceptions to policy.
  • An approved sixth training year policy exception is not guaranteed.
  • Sixth training years are governed by RPH 10.3, Sections 2F & 2G.


NEW! Fast and efficient! Smartsheet Sixth Year Policy Exception Request Process is here!






  • The Postdoc form is only required for the RPH 10.3, 2G standard process (not needed for RPH 10.3, 2F expedited process)
  • If submitting an RPH 10.3, 2G request, click here: Postdoc Sixth Training Year SmartSheet


It takes a considerable amount of time to submit all the required smart sheets and supporting documents and for a complete exception packet. Start this process sooner rather than later to avoid lapsed appointments or urgent visa expiration dates.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for the Faculty Subcommittee review.