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Job Aid 6th Year Extension Change Requests

What to do if Your Postdoc Wants to Work Overseas


For Sixth Year Requests

  • Review Sections 2F and 2G of RPH 10.3 to see if you might qualify for an exception to policy.
  • If you think you might qualify, determine if you are applying under 2G or 2F.
  • All documents and web forms must be complete and submitted by the 2nd Friday of each month.
  • Standard 2G Exception Requests take 6-8 weeks. Expedited 2F Exception Requests are usually faster. Submit early (90-120 days+ prior to appointment end date).

Standard 2G Exception Request

  1. Create a new Change Transaction (for help, see Job Aids for PD Web Forms – Change Transactions).
  2. Assemble the documents listed here (in the Sixth Training Year Extension Request section at the bottom of the page).
  3. Email the entire package as one .pdf to:
    1. SoM:
    2. University:
  4. Submit Change Request web form.
  5. Submit visa extension web form (if applicable).

Expedited 2F Exception Request

  1. Complete everything required for a Standard 2G Exception Request (above), and 
  2. Include a copy of the fellowship award letter and/or the accepted job offer letter.