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Software Carpentry Workshop

In category: Communication Skills

Software Carpentry workshops are hands-on, two-day events focused on best practices in computational programming that help scientists and researchers be more effective with their work.

All workshops cover three core topics:

  • Unix Shell
  • Version Control with Git
  • Programming Language (Python or R).

While these workshops are intended to be introductory and designed for learners with little to no prior experience with these tools and techniques, it is typically helpful if you have heard of a “for loop” or have heard of the command line/terminal/shell, even if you haven’t had to use these tools.

Even those with some experience in these topics usually benefit from attending a workshop, as the goal is not only to teach these skills, but how to manage your work to make it as automated and reproducible as possible.

Please only sign up if you can attend both days in full and every participant is expected to bring their own laptop and load software needed for the workshop onto it prior to the event.

*If you are selected for this workshop, you will be notified of the location.

Past Events

Tuesday, June 18, 2019 - 08:30
Monday, March 25, 2019 - 08:30