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Clinical Fellow Patient Care Information Sheet Still Required

Posted 4:01 PM, January 18, 2012, by tjwilson



We learned last week that GME and the Hospital continue to require a signed paper Patient Care Information Sheet. OPA removed the form from website in early Fall because we captured the information in the PeopleSoft Postdoc Web Forms (on the Recommendation Form for Clinical Trainees). However, the information won’t do for GME and SHC purposes for access to MedHub and other required setup. We are adding the form back to the OPA website. In the meantime, please

1. complete it for your clinical fellows who were appointed with OPA *after* the PS
Web Forms went live in September AND
2. send it to the GME office. (Keep a copy on file and for OPA)

If you appointed clinical fellows *before* the University went live with the PS Web Forms, you do not need to do anything.
If you appointed clinical fellows using the PS Web Forms, complete the attached and send it to GME and OPA.

Apologies for the mix-up and thanks for all your work as we wrap up these fine details with this transition.

Rania Sanford, Ed.D.
Assistant Dean
Postdoctoral Affairs
Stanford University

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