Stanford University
Postdoctoral Scholars

September 2010

MEMO: October 1 Salary/Stipend Increase for Postdocs

(sent to supdssworkinggroup on 9/9/2010)

Dear Postdoctoral Administrators,

Please read the information below regarding the October 1 Funding Levels for Postdoctoral Scholars.

All postdocs must be at the appropriate pay level, based on years of research experience, on October 1 using the 2010-2011 Postdoc Funding Scale
(online at

A mandatory adjustment of pay is required for any postdoc who is funded at a level that corresponds to their years of research experience, regardless of the source of funds (external awards, fellowships, salary). An October 1 adjustment is not required if funding (salary and/or stipend) exceeds the appropriate minimum level of support required for a particular postdoc by the university.

Postdoctoral administrators must review their postdoc records and verify their annual postdoc salaries against the appropriate minimum funding required for the postdoc starting October 1, 2010.

A salary calculator is available online and quickly provides the applicable October 1 rate for any particular postdoc: We strongly recommend using the calculator for fast and efficient determination of the appropriate level for each of your scholars. Instructions on how to use the calculator are also on the same page online at

Postdocs on External, Directly-Paid, Funding
As part of your funding review for October 1, department administrators must obtain any award letters that document any portions of external funding directly paid to the postdoc in 2010-2011. A copy should be submitted to OPA. Administrators must enter the external funding amounts, distributed over the period of the award, in GFS as ‘Info Only’ stipend lines. External funding paid in currencies other than US$ must be converted using the current rate. If the external funding amount is below the appropriate level, a supplement is typically provided from department funds, faculty discretionary accounts and/or some grants. An easy conversion tool may be found online at

Postdocs on Leave of Absence. What to do if my postdoc is on leave on October 1?
If your postdoc is on an approved unpaid leave when October starts, you need not enter stipend or salary lines in GFS. Apply the appropriate October 1 pay rate when the postdoc returns from leave.

However, postdocs remain ‘active’ during periods of leave, which allows for a continuation of benefits and access to privileges and other facilities. As a result, and even though a pay or stipend line is not required, you must enter a FLSHP Tuition line for Fall Quarter or else the postdoc will receive a bill from the university incorrectly. Contact Alistair Murray if you have questions about postdoc tuition.

To inquire about a particular postdoc(s) or for policy questions, email or set an appointment with Alistair Murray, Rania Sanford or Tammy Wilson.

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