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BISNet instructions and policies for Department Administrators

BISNet is our online benefits enrollment system. Postdocs will use this system to enroll in benefits, and administrators will use it to manage the financial accounting aspects of health benefits.


Terminating insurance is done one of two ways. If it is a family member coming off the insurance, or if the postdoc is terminating insurance but staying a registered scholar, s/he must come into the Postdoctoral Scholars Office to fill out a form terminating coverage and providing proof of other coverage (proof of coverage is a University requirement). Postdocs must allow 30 days for these changes to go into effect. Postdocs can use the Add/Drop form and fax it to the number at the bottom of the form.

If the postdoc is terminating his/her appointment, a termination notice from the department to Postdoc Services will automatically terminate coverage. These notices should come to us one month before the scholar leaves. Refer to "Leaving Stanford."

Monthly PTA Management

Department administrators will receive an email each month around the 20th as a reminder to check the status of postdoc enrollments in BISNetand correct any PTA's. You will have an opportunity to make sure your new fellows have signed up and to enter a PTA for them.

Once on the Bisnet site, you will have two screens to visit. You will need to have the PTA entered in the PTA Number Maintenance screen before going to the Monthly PTA Maintenance screen to indicate account numbers for individual postdocs. The PTA numbers will stay ‘active’ until the end date of your choice.

You will already find a PTA designated for the staff benefits pool. You may designate the staff benefits pool account for medical premiums only when the postdoc is 50% or more on salary (from any source). See funding of postdoctoral benefits memo.

Please contact us if you believe there is incorrect information for any of your postdocs, or if a postdoc has ended his/her appointment and the screen does not reflect

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